The Reformed 9/11 Truthers Who Keep Asking Powerful People About the “Kill List”

In 2007, the reporters of We Are Change built a small rep by showing up where politicians were and asking a question no one else would ask. For example: What about WTC Building 7? Would the politician join “9/11 victims’ families” and demand a new investigation of 9/11? The We Are Change crew got results.

After the election, We Are Change moved on to the conspiracies behind the conspiracies.

And after I saw We Are Change show up in the Hofstra University debate’s spin room, I was curious to see if they’d have any better lock collaring the powerful. Sort of. Peter King:

David Axelrod:

And Robert Gibbs.

The questions don’t produce any useful answers, but I like the circus of it. Listen to the crap questions these people are being asked in the spin rooms, before the neo-Truthers barrel in.