THE SKY – Late this summer I hung out with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the celebrity religious guru who decided to run for Congress in a safe Democratic enclave of New Jersey. Soon thereafter, Boteach got a boost in the form of $500,000 from Sheldon Adelson. Now, according to the WSJ, Adelson is upping the committment to $1 million.

Not to pigeonhole Adelson or anything, but his stacks on stacks are funding one hell of a pro-Israel campaign. Boteach’s campaign has been uploading video from the last debate with Rep. Bill Pascrell:

But this doesn’t change the fact that New Jersey’s 11th is drawn to elect a Democrat. In many ways this race reminds me of Rep. Joe Walsh’s re-election in Illinois. The math makes it extraordinarily difficult for the Republican to win. But the Republican has built enough of a national profile to encourage an angel investor to intervene. If the spending works, in either one of these races, the Age of the Super-PAC will truly start to resemble the Gilded Age. If it doesn’t, I think you just see the multi-millionaires retool for 2014, when knocking out Democratic senators will look more useful than helping pugnacious House candidates.