Romney-Ryan Raise Funds By Demanding Eric Holder’s Resignation

Shortly after 5:30 p.m., loyal readers of Townhall.com – like me – got this email from the Romney-Ryan campaign.


It’s time for Attorney General Holder to step aside.

He’s misled Congress, and entirely botched the investigation of the Operation Fast and Furious debacle – yet he still leads our nation’s Justice Department.

It’s just another example of the Obama Administration’s transparent hypocrisy that despite the tragic and very human toll of this scandal, Attorney General Holder refuses to resign – and President Obama refuses to remove him.

It’s up to the American people to replace both of them on November 6. Let’s restore justice to the Justice Department.

Donate now to vote Barack Obama and his liberal allies out of office on Election Day – and help secure a victory for Romney-Ryan and the Republican team.

Thank you,

Paul Ryan

Romney called for Holder to go months ago; Ryan first called for it when the campaign was asked by the Daily Caller, which has gotten deep under the attorney general’s skin by asking every Republican with a pulse whether they want the guy gone. (Most of them do.) And so continues the inside-outside game of feeding the Fox News base, and – less effectively – talking to independents about economic pain.