Read the Pitch That a Businessman is Using to Promote the New Obama Conspiracy Film

Yesterday, after I wrote about the campaign to send millions of swing voters DVDs of an anti-Obama documentary, a source sent me a letter from a wealthy businessman who was promoting the film. This letter was sent by Thomas H. Patrick, to recipients of scholarships from the Buckeye Foundation. Subsequent versions of the message went out to people who could help promote Dreams From My Real Father, the movie that claims Frank Marshall Davis was the president’s ancestor and ideological idol. This is the second cover letter, to the larger audience.
photo (26) Is this one of the donors who eventually helped promote Dreams? I contacted Patrick, but was told he was out of the office, and didn’t hear back. When I asked Dreams director Joel Gilbert, he reiterated what he’d been telling me as I sent him some annoying questions: “Thanks for your question, but again, I’m hoping you’ll stand out as an unbiased journalist and seriously look at the content of the film, rather than just looking for an angle to dismiss or demonize the film maker.” The rest of the letter is below.
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patrickmemo5 (I’ve just left out “exhibit D,” a page quoting the “you didn’t build that” speech.)