Opening Act: Boca

I’m on my way to Boca Raton, Fla., for the only low-dollar event the city will see this cycle: The final presidential debate.

VandeHarris summon the Romney campaign spin on tonight’s debate.

It will be almost impossible to win, since the debate is focused exclusively on foreign policy, a strength for President Barack Obama.

Nathan Sproul, who’d been connected to voter registration fraud scandals for at least eight years, never lost his relationship with the mainline GOP.

Jane Mayer profiles the “fraud police” movement.

Rick Perlstein remembers George McGovern.

McGovern likely never suspected what Nixon aide Pat Buchanan revealed in testimony to the Senate Watergate hearing: that one of the of the goals of the Nixon reelection campaign’s dirty tricks was to manipulate all the other viable Democrats except for McGovern into destroying one another, because they thought McGovern would be easiest to beat. Indeed, political aggression from his opponents seemed to baffle him; he simply never saw it coming.

And watch this if you want to spend your Kickstarting dollar wisely.