Opening Act: 50-47

MILWAUKEE – I’m en route to Long Island today to watch two guys yell at each other in front of a studio audience. Even the SEIU-sponsored PPP poll now shows Romney with a national lead, so I don’t know why we rule out the possibility that Romney delivers another sound performance and puts the election out of reach.

Hillary Clinton takes the blame for “Benghazi,” which by now is one-word code for a whole bunch of damaging storylines.

Rosie Gray revists the PUMAs – the “Party Unity My Ass” Hillary dead-enders – who have settled into full-time Obama hatred.

DuJan didn’t respond to a request for comment. His recent anti-Obama writings include “Is Barack Obama Gay?” (DuJan accuses Obama of having had an affair with actor Kal Penn) and “Class vs. Crass,” in which he compares Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette.

As Obama stumbles, Democrats continue to close off the path to a Republican Senate. Doesn’t a 51-seat Democratic Senate mean Obamacare is basically safe until 2015 even if Romney wins?

Bruce Bartlett on how Romney would end QE.