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Oliver Stone: Obama’s Abuses of Power “Must Have Made Dick Cheney Jealous”

Just as with George W. Bush, Oliver Stone isn’t waiting for Barack Obama to leave office to offer an assessment of the president’s tenure. And big surprise: he’s not entirely happy.

Stone is releasing a 618-page tome, The Untold History of the United States, this week, a decidedly left-wing view of American history over generations. But his critique of Obama and our current political climate is getting the most attention. “Obama asserted presidential power in ways that must have made Dick Cheney jealous,” Stone writes in the book with his co-author, Peter Kuznick. “The country Obama inherited was indeed in shambles, but Obama took a bad situation and, in certain ways, made it worse.”

The book has also been adapted into a multi-part documentary series for Showtime, but luckily for Obama, it doesn’t begin airing until Nov. 12—a week after the election.