A Ray of Hope

Why today was a good day for Barack Obama.

Every day until the election, Slate will offer up one reason to be optimistic for your candidate.

26 days to go:

Today’s Good News for Obama: Romney may have pulled even in Florida and Virginia, but Obama still maintains a comfortable 6-point lead in Ohio, according to the NBC News/WSJ/Marist Poll released today. An added bonus: a federal appeals court last week reinstated early voting in Ohio for all voters. One in five Ohio voters has already voted, and 63 percent of early voters supported Obama. If Obama can hang on to a solid lead in any battleground state, the Buckeye State would be the one to have. As politicos frequently like to note, no Republican has ever lost Ohio and still won the presidential election. And right now the FiveThirtyEight forecast estimates a 40.4 percent probability that Ohio will provide the decisive electoral vote.

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