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Romney Reversal:  I Was “Completely Wrong” About 47 Percent

Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GettyImages

Will conservatives even recognize the man they nominated by the time Election Day rolls around?  As he recalibrates his campaign to win over middle-class support, Mitt Romney now says he was “completely wrong” about the 47 percent. 

Appearing on Fox News, the GOP nominee said he didn’t mean to dismiss nearly one-half the population as victims who are “dependent on government,” as he said in comments caught on tape at a fundraiser earlier this year. 

This comes on the heels of Romney’s winning performance in the first debate, during which he struck a quasi-populist note by arguing that he won’t cut taxes for the rich and would slash taxes for small businesses and suggested that he would protect and preserve Medicare better than President Obama. The Obama campaign has accused Romney of switching positions and not telling the truth.  If the president wants to regain his mojo, he’ll have to do a better job making that case in the next debate and in the closing weeks of the campaign.