Listen to the Robocall in Which Obama “Debates” Bibi About Iran

Ron Kampeas scoops a robo-call from the Emergency Committee for Israel, which plays a “debate” between Barack Obama and Bibi Netanyahu. It plays so loose that it dares you to be offended.

Obama’s “opening remark”, in which he “respects” Iran’s sovereignty, is from a press conference in 2009, in which he rejected Iranian claims of U.S. involvement in post-election protests – and also decried Iranian repression of the protesters. It had nothing to do with Iran’s nuclear capability.


Netanyahu’s “response” is from his speech to AIPAC this year (three years later!).

And I’ve got the audio of a new call, which is running in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Virginia.

ECI’s Bill Kristol (yes, that Bill Kristol) has laughed off the “faux outrage” of the Democratic response. “The reaction to the calls has been so positive that we’re thinking about expanding into new areas,” says ECI’s Noah Pollak, “like the Philly suburbs.”

And so it goes in robocall season. A voter in Maryland – who is neither Jewish, nor Republican, nor living in a swing state – emails to say he’s getting robocalls in which John Bolton spins a partly-true tale about the Benghazi terrorist attack. That call, and the ECI call, take an argument that might not sell to swing voters, that they might not even hear in their media, and forces them to confront it.