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Was Lindsay Lohan Really Assaulted by a Former GOP Aide?

Another weekend, another Lindsay Lohan police situation.

Lohan claims a man she had just met at a nightclub in New York City assaulted her at a hotel afterparty when she confronted him about photos he had taken of her on his phone. Lohan accused the man, Christian LaBella, of choking her, throwing her to the ground, and climbing on top of her. A former congressional aide, LaBella was arrested for assault and harassment, though the charges have since been dropped. Still, photos of LaBella with other luminaries like Kim Kardashian and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan dominated celebrity news over the weekend.   

Lohan’s publicist expressed outrage that the police let LaBella go, saying, “We think it’s both distressing and outrageous. Lindsay was assaulted and there needs to be a consequence for that.”