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What Every $6.5 Million Celebrity Wedding Needs: a Video Mocking the Homeless

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel just had a $6.5 million wedding in Italy, but a video mocking the homeless that was shown at the reception is getting all the attention.

Obtained by Gawker, the eight-minute tape features 10 apparently homeless people wishing the couple well: “Justin, Jessica, I haven’t seen y’all in a long time. My gift is in the mail.” They also explained why they couldn’t make the trip to Italy. The video was created by Timberlake’s longtime friend, L.A. real estate agent Justin Huchel.

Gawker also published Huchel’s lawyer’s legal threats should the video not be taken down. Unfortunately for Huchel and Timberlake, it’s hard to imagine anything will put the horse back in the barn.