In the Land of Akin

DENVER – I’ve left Missouri, but my electron-based content about the state’s conservative counties is up and readable wherever you are. In part one, I go to the deep red counties that made Todd Akin the GOP’s U.S. Senate nominee. No surprise, but they stand by him, and they don’t like the way the media’s talking him down.

“What he actually said, that riled people up, was not said eloquently for a politician,” says Obert. “But it was actually true. Any time women are in a highly stressful situation, they’re not likely to get pregnant.” She points me tothe Department of Health and Human Services website, which says this much in a HealthTip. “It’s a clear choice.
Do you stand for life, or do you stand for murdering unborn babies for any time and any reason. Claire McCaskill wants to make it legal to suck an unborn baby’s brains out. How barbaric is that?”

Read on. And read my colleague Amanda Marcotte for the other variety of Akin commentary and news. With video!