In Miami, on the Radio

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – As I drive around south Florida, I flip between two radio stations. JAMZ 99.1 has the Rick Ross collaborations that I crave, and 610 AM has the talk radio that I need. On 610 am, every other commercial break, I hear this ad from Ralph Reed’s Faith & Freedom Coalition, spoken by a baritone narrator.

Barack Obama forced Christian charities and colleges to pay for health services that violated their faith. He waffled on support for Israel. Obama claimed, in a Muslim country, that America is not a Christian nation. Obama lobbied for same-sex marriage, removed the name of God from his platform – reinserting it as delegates booed. Said Congress had better things to do when it reaffirmed that “In God We Trust.” Better things than trusting God?

On 99.1, I hear an Obama campaign ad consisting of 30 seconds of Michelle Obama speaking, 15 seconds of another black woman speaking, and the Obama disclaimer.

“We have to ask ourselves: Are we going to go back to the same policies that got us into the first place?” asks the first lady.

“Show President Obama we’ve got his back,” says the second woman.

“This election will be even closer than four years ago,” says the first lady. “Don’t ever understimate the impact you can have.”

“Early voting starts October 27 and ends November 3,” says the second woman. “So join your neighbors and vote early. To vote in person, bring a photo ID with a signature.”