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Why Is the “Frankenstorm” a Big Deal?

Board up your windows and stock up on canned meats, Frankenstorm is headed this way.

After blowing through the Caribbean, where it was responsible for twenty-one deaths, Hurricane Sandy is now heading towards the United States’ East Coast. As it makes its way north, the storm is set to collide with a cold weather front coming down from the Great Lakes. The meeting of these two weather systems, in addition to a full moon and rising tides, has weather experts calling this a “frankenstorm.”

Sandy is expected to have its most dramatic impact on New Jersey and the New York City area, where the current prediction is multiple days of heavy rainfall, starting late Monday. Ohio and Western Pennsylvania could get snow and authorities are already taking precautions against power outages and structural damage. The current expectation is that the storm may cause around $1 billion in damage.