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Hulk Hogan Threatens Lawsuit Over Leaked Sex Tape

Watcha gonna do brother when the Hulkamania slaps a law suit on you?

Hulk Hogan is reportedly threatening to sue Gawker for releasing a clip from a sex tape featuring the iconic wrestler and an anonymous female brunette, who the tabloid site claims may be Heather Clem, the ex-wife of his best friend.

In a grainy one-minute montage of clips, Hogan is seen making small talk and then hitting the mat hard with his partner. The 30-minute tape was apparently shopped around all year, but Gawker claims it obtained the tape anonymously for free.

Hogan’s real life has played out like a WWE storyline in recent years with a messy public divorce and his son being jailed for reckless driving in 2008.

As for the sex tape, it’s too bad Hogan has to resort to lawsuit threat. In the ring he could have just ended this problem with a leg drop.