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Firefox 16 Pulled After Serious Security Lapse

Photo by LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images.

Firefox recently beat out Google Chrome as the No. 2 Web browser in one study, but a technical setback on the new Firefox 16 could change that.

Just a day after it was released, Firefox creator Mozilla pulled Firefox 16 from the market because of a new “security vulnerability” it introduced. The lapse could allow a third-party site to track where Firefox users are browsing. How problematic is this? On its blog, Mozilla went so far as suggesting users downgrade to Firefox 15 while the issue is worked out.

Besides boosting usability, the latest Firefox update sought to sharpen what has been its main competitive edge: fewer security vulnerabilities than the perennial No. 1 browser, Internet Explorer. Mozilla promised to have a fix available soon.

UPDATE: Mozilla says the issue has been fixed, and a new download for Firefox 16.0.1 is available.