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Job Listing of the Week: “Asteroid Miner”

Photo Courtesy of NASA/Newsmakers.

Looking for a career switch? The much-hyped startup Planetary Resources is looking for interns next winter with this irresistible pitch: “Do you want to be an Asteroid Miner?”

The company’s listing, posted this week, seeks college students for paid positions starting in January to help develop the next-generation technology for space mining. Chris Lewicki, who bills himself as Planetary Resources’ president and “chief asteroid miner,” has brushed off media skepticism and said he hopes to launch the first mining mission by the end of the decade.

For older dreamers, there are also other job listings at Planetary Resources, including one that calls for a “General Space Nut.”

Although the company’s high-wattage backers include James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director of Avatar and Aliens, the internship listing promised that the job was very much down to Earth. “It may sound like science fiction,” it says, “but it’s just science!”