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What Will Stephen Colbert Do With All His Super PAC Cash?

Stephen Colbert’s super PAC has almost $1 million in the bank

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Is Stephen Colbert planning some sort of October surprise? That’s what several people are wondering today after it was revealed that his super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, still has $779,000 in the bank, reports the Hill.

So far, Colbert has used his PAC to run ads in support of Herman Cain as well as several NBA team owners (watch here). The money Colbert still has under his control though would allow him to produce and broadcast a number of television ads in key markets before Election Day, points out Politico.

Although its fundraising has seen a huge decline from the primary season, Colbert still managed to bring in $4,000 last month, mostly from small donors.