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Most Underrated 2012 Poll: The One on 7-Eleven Coffee Cups

In the 7-Election coffee-cup poll, Obama currently leads Romney by 20 percent. 

Images via 7-Eleven.

The most unscientific poll this election season might also be one of the most accurate. 

For the fourth election cycle in a row, 7-Eleven stores have launched “7-Election.” Customers get to choose from dueling partisan coffee cups, and the convenience chain then tallies sales of each to predict the outcome of the November election. 

In the past three contests, the coffee-buying base looked remarkably like the American electorate. Not only did the java crowd accurately predict the last three elections, the 7-Eleven results came within one percentage point of the actual popular vote in 2004 and 2008.  

Coffee and political junkies alike can track the numbers on a dedicated 7-Eleven website that’s updated daily . The current tally doesn’t look good for Mitt Romney: caffeinated voters in participating states currently favor President Obama with 60 percent of the vote.