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Lifelike Wax Figure of Steve Jobs Debuts in Hong Kong

The lifelife wax rendering of Steve Jobs

Photo by Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.

As the one-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death approaches, artists in Hong Kong have found a decidedly predigital way to mourn the late Apple sage. They’ve created an incredibly lifelike wax figure of Jobs, complete with the trademark black turtleneck, oval glasses, and blue jeans. Based on a Fortune magazine photo shoot from 2006, the sculpture is almost indistinguishable from the picture of Jobs. It debuts today at the Hong Kong outpost of the famed Madame Tussauds wax attractions.

There’s no comment on the sculpture yet from Jobs’ estate. But the Los Angeles Times notes that when a Chinese company attempted a similar hyper-realistic portrayal of Jobs in the form of action figures earlier this year, it was forced to take them off the market, citing “immense pressure” from both Apple and Jobs’ family.