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Sarah Silverman Video Smacks Down Voter-ID Laws

Comedian Sarah Silverman is back with a new political video, this time taking on voter fraud—or, as Silverman points out, the new voter-ID laws that are themselves a form of voter fraud:

“There are these brand new, super f***ed up laws which are presented as ways to prevent voter fraud but are in fact designed to make it harder for specific people to vote: Black people, elderly people, poor people and students. Hmm … I wonder what those demographics have in common? Oh yeah, they’re probably going to vote for this guy.”

This is turning into a whole new line of work for Silverman. In 2008’s The Great Schlep she encouraged young Jewish voters to visit their grandparents in Florida and convince them to vote for Barack Obama.

She also recently had an indecent proposal for billionaire Republican operative Sheldon Adelson, promising that if he gave his $100 million Romney contribution to Obama instead:  “I will scissor you, wearing a bikini bottom, through to fruition—that means until you (bleep)!”