Ryan Tells Audience That Obama is Trying to Distract Them, Then Brings Up 14-Year-Old Obama Clip

In the classic American film Mean Girls, Gretchen Weiner (Lacey Chabert) continually tries to get her friends to use a new slang term: “Fetch.” In the second act, as her clique crumbles around her, Regina George (Rachel McAdams) blows up at Gretchen. “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen!” she says. “It’s not going to happen!”

Since then, I’ve used “trying to make ‘fetch” happen” a catchall phrase to describe campaigns working hopelessly to turn the media’s lens from something that hurts them to something that helps. Today, according to Felicia Sonmez, Rep. Paul Ryan told a Virginia crowd that the president is “going to try and distract and divide this country to win by default.” That’s sort of a standard Ryan line.


It was followed by this:


I’ll catch you up: The president’s distracting the country when he mentions remarks Romney made in May, but Ryan’s not distracting the country when he mentions remarks Obama made in 1998. That’s sort of the Romney campaign theme today, as they issue statements from allies who are shocked, horrified, dismayed by Obama stating something that literally every Democrat believes. John Thune!

If we had any doubt about where President Obama stands, that doubt was eliminated when footage surfaced showing then-State Senator Obama expressing his support for redistribution of wealth.

Pat Toomey!

Americans got a clear look at President Obama’s government-centered philosophy when he told small business owners that ‘you didn’t build that.’ Now we have a glimpse of his long-held belief in redistribution through government.

Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc!

As these newly-unearthed comments reveal, his aim is nothing less than the ‘redistribution’ of America’s wealth.

They’re trying to make “fetch” happen.