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Romney Painted as Kerry:  Democrats Turn Tables, Question National Security Credentials

Photo by David Calvert/Getty Images

Turnabout is fair play this election season.

Ever since Mitt Romney failed to mention U.S. troops or the ongoing was in Afghanistan in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Democratic strategists have launched a barrage of attacks, claiming the omission is a sign Romney would make a poor commander-in-chief.

Sound familiar? Something to do with fast-moving watercraft? Observers have noted a strategic similarity between the current Democratic salvos and the Republican’s so-called Swift Boat campaign against John Kerry during his 2004 Presidential run. That withering campaign, which questioned Kerry’s Vietnam record and vilified his later anti-war stance, hurt Kerry in an election where national security was seen as critical.  

Romney’s speech omissions aren’t his only headaches. Recent polls show a convention bounce for President Obama among registered voters, with the president now holding a six-point lead over Romney.

Ah, the irony.