Pictures of Charlotte During the Democratic Occupation: Part Two

And we continue. IMG_0425 Chris Faraone models the painting “Freedom Riders,” which portrays Barack and Michelle Obama leading a team of 13 horse-riding black people – Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, Huey Newton, etc. My own copy of this was lost somewhere on the way to the airport.
IMG_0316 The CNN Grill and its brews, which are mysteriously NOT called Wolf Blitzed-ers.
IMG_0224 Selling historic newspaper front pages outside the Charlotte Convention Center. “Obama wins” covers are pretty much gone, but some inauguration specials remain.
Out of place at the DNC street fair. IMG_0211 Black history buttons from the street fair. (I was tempted to get the Stokley Carmichael.) IMG_0210 Unofficial “official” posters. IMG_0216
For election night.