Opening Act: To The Left of Fidel Castro

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker calls Marc Thiessen’s latest, influential column highly misleading. The president who “skips half his intelligence briefings” actually reads the briefing on days when there’s no meeting. Thiessen’s response? Yes, well, 9/11. Owen Bennett-Jones explains how an Iranian cult won enough friends to fall off the terror designation list. Garrett Quinn looks at Scott Brown’s new Massholementum strategy. This is off the usual path, but The Denver Post has obtained Aurora, Co. shooter James Holmes’s admission essay to the University of Iowa. It comes complete with administors’ pleas not to let him in.
Mother Jones scooped this Faith & Freedom Coalition mailer and focused on the question that gives voters the chance to ask whether Obama’s worse than Hitler. But really, the whole thing is funny. Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 9.08.38 AM
And I’m thirty-one today, so please allow me this moment.