Opening Act: Leave the Biker

This blog will be oh so quiet for a day or so as I fulfill some corporate duties at a retreat. There’s been a lively online discussion/punch-up about my attempt to re-define “trolling,” which will be joined when I’m back. In the meantime.

Romney takes the Perry line on quantitative easing.

Scott Lemieux demolishes Ralph Nader, to the irritation of commenters.

Bob Woodward’s book tour begins:

“Now, some people are going to say he was fighting a brick wall, the Republicans in the House and the Republicans in Congress. Others will say it’s the president’s job to figure out how to tear down that brick wall. In this case, he did not.”

The unanswerable ethics complaint is one of my favorite dirty-pool campaign tactics.

Seth Stevenson watches too many campaign ads, on purpose.

Soros on Europe.

And the best picture of Joe Biden you have ever seen.