Opening Act: Click Here to See the Noose

Glenn Kessler tiptoes through the wreckage of the Obama administration’s Libya statements.

Republicans in the House write a letter to the administration, with the requisite bellicosity.

This seems like a pre-9/11 mindset - treating an act of war solely as a criminal matter, rather than also prioritizing the gathering of intelligence to prevent future attacks.  Moreover, given that violence in the region continues unabated, what actions are we undertaking to deter terrorists from capitalizing on the successful Benghazi attack, or launching similar attacks elsewhere in the region or in the homeland?

Tim Carney talks to skeptical Ohioans about how both candidates are basically trying to buy them with promising of government help.

Outside a tank factory in Lima on Monday, Ryan attacked Obama for “propos[ing] again and again to shut down” the plant. “We’re not going to shut down the only tank plant we have in America over a budget gimmick,” Ryan said to applause. But the Pentagon wants this government-owned tank plant shuttered because the military has enough tanks.

You can view the Romney campaign’s relentless campaign for the hearts of coal miners, whose industry is threatened by competition from natural gas, in the same vein.

Polling sample fantasies come to the Romney campaign:

Ed Gillespie, a senior advisor to the Romney campaign, delivered some complaints on Wednesday on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, saying that the polls “are not consistent with our polling.”

It’s true, neither campaign is counting on the sort of 8-point Obama leads in Ohio that we see in some polls. But at the root of this inquiry is a theory that the media and universities will pay for crap polls. Have you seen media balance sheets recently?

And Big Labor wants Virginians to remember why they turned on George Allen.