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Neil Armstrong Memorial Honors First Man on Moon


Soar with the eagles, Neil.

The world says goodbye to Neil Armstrong today in a memorial service at Washington’s National Cathedral attended by the public, dignitaries, family, and fellow astronauts, and streamed live by NASA over the Internet.

Armstrong, who died in August at the age of 82 and will receive a sea burial Friday, was remembered not only for his historic achievement as the first man to set foot on the Moon, but also his humility, integrity, and lifelong service to country. His life and accomplishments were celebrated in words, prayer, and music by such luminaries as astronaut Eugene Cernan, pianist Diana Krall, and former Treasury secretary John Snow.  

President Obama has called for flags to fly at half-staff in national mourning for the man who took that one small step for us all. And it seems fitting that we say farewell this week to the moon’s first visitor on the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s inspiring promise to make America the first country to land on the moon.