Read the Emails That Got the Prankster Booked on “Fox and Friends”

Max Rice is 20 years old, still in college, and still fond of President Barack Obama. Fox News managed to book him for an interview – one in an ongoing series about Real Americans who’ve given up on the president – without checking any of these facts. Instead, through a personal connection, Rice worked his way onto the September 17 edition of “Fox and Friends” and proceeded to purposefully blow the segment.

“I wanted to get interviewed by Steve Doocy so bad,” laughed Rice. “Fox and Friends, that’s the show I hate the most on that network. It’s the worst for society. And they shoved me on that show because of what they wanted me to say.”

I chatted briefly with Rice for a story that will run tomorrow – not a story just about him, as much as some ruminations on the growing “disenchanted Obama voter” industry. But Rice viewed the stunt as proof that Rupert Murdoch’s network was engaging in the same lousy journalism as his British tabloids. “How has this guy not been kicked out of the country?” asked Rice. “Fox will take these fringe youth Republican groups – they’ll pretend not to be partisan, but they’re directly associated with Fox – and they’ll present them as news.”

Rice provided the emails that started him on his journey. The entire chain is a bit dull, unless you’re really into the details of limo scheduling or something, but here’s how it all began.

Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 4:51 PM

From: Lee Kushnir
To: Max Rice

Hi, Max –

This is Lee Kushnir, from Fox News Channel, in NYC – how are you? I got your info from [redacted], he said you and Chris Regan would be available to join us on our show, Fox & Friends, to weigh in on some current political dilemmas facing younger voters, today. From what I understand, both you and Chris voted for Obama in 2008, but have since graduated college and are unemployed, and feeling disenchanted with voting for him again. Is this true? If so, I’d like to schedule both of you to join us for a potential segment on the show. We are live from 6-9A EST, but an interview would not take much of your time, and we can certainly provide car service to the closest studio, most convenient to you. Fox & Friends is the highest-rated AM cable newscast, roughly two million viewers, and this would be a great, very informative segment for us. Thanks so much, and hope to hear from you soon.

-  Lee

Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 5:18 PM

From: Max Rice
To: Lee Kushnir

It would be an honor to appear on your program. Fox and Friends is a show that doesn’t just appeal to every possible member of your typical American family, but also is watched by every single member of my family (A feat far greater than ratings, emmy’s etc). Everything Charlie told you is true. I am actually filling out a job application while I write this email. It is a fact, not a darn “talking point”, that if I would’ve graduated four years earlier this would not be the case. I certainly will be more than happy to share my first hand experiences with your wonderfully diverse (age,race,sex, height, etc etc.) audience.

When can we meet?