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Madonna: “We Have a Black Muslim in the White House”

Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

Madonna almost got kicked off the stage in Russia last month over her vocal support for gay rights, but a concert she held in Washington this week is generating a whole different kind of head-scratching.

While praising President Obama’s historic presidency during her two-hour set, Madonna declared: “We have a black Muslim in the White House.”

Video of her comments quickly made the rounds and prompted the pop icon to clarify that she was being “ironic.”

“The point I was making is that a good man is a good man, no matter who he prays to,” she said in a statement. The irony will no doubt be lost on the fringe elements out there who persist in believing that the President is Muslim, despite all the evidence that he is in fact Christian.

As for Madonna, at least her allegiances are clear. At a recent concert in New York, the Material Girl ripped off her shirt to reveal a large “OBAMA” tattoo on her back.