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Kenny Loggins, Wedding Singer: Performs “Footloose” at Nuptials, Makes Them Awesome

Music at weddings can be pretty awkward—especially when a guest gets up to perform a special song. But if the festivities begin with “Footloose,” and the performing guest’s name is Kenny Loggins, it’s a pretty great start.

TMZ notes that a wedding in Michigan was in for a surprise after Loggins, invited as a guest of the bride, took the stage for an impromptu set to kick off the party.

Kenny Loggins recently performed some of his biggest hits at a wedding for a friend.

Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

“Footloose” is the perfect ’80s choice to get people on the wedding dance floor—but we want to know: Did Loggins also rock “Danger Zone”? If so, edgy choice. That tune that could just as easily score a domestic argument or dog-fighting jets.

Video by Jim Festante.