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Kate Middleton Topless Photos Leave Royal Family Furious

Photo by NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/GettyImages

The Royals are having a hard time leaving anything to the imagination.

Hot on the heels of Prince Harry’s embarrassing naked Vegas romp, topless photos of Kate Middleton sunbathing with Prince William have surfaced in the French magazine Closer. The photographer tried to sell the photos in England, but the British media has refused to publish them.

The royal couple is reportedly considering legal action against the photographer and the magazine. The palace also made a statement that clearly looks to shift the shame of Kate’s bare chest to the French tabloid’s naked ambition, recalling the tragic death of Prince William’s mother: 

“The incident is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, and all the more upsetting to the Duke and Duchess for being so.”