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Scientology Scrubs History With Late Sons of Anarchy Star

Bizarre new details are surfacing in the apparent drug-induced murder-suicide of former Sons of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis.

Los Angeles police say Lewis killed his landlady and dismembered her cat before falling to his death this week.

Lewis had evidently been in and out of jail all year. In January, police say he committed felony assault with a deadly weapon, followed by a battery arrest on Feb. 10, after he allegedly sucker-punched at random a man who was leaving a yogurt shop. Later that month, Lewis was arrested again, this time for burglary.
TMZ notes that Lewis was an active Scientologist and had “deep ties … to its drug abuse program,” called Narconon. After the celebrity news outlet reached out to Scientology for comment, the church removed a photo of Lewis speaking at a substance-abuse prevention on behalf of Narconon and claimed Lewis had not been active in the church for several years.