Joe Biden’s Closer

CHARLOTTE – Peter Baker ran the story in the morning, and the details were unclear.

Bumped out of his own night in the spotlight by former President Bill Clinton, Mr. Biden will introduce Mr. Obama before all of the broadcast networks tune in (NBC will show it; CBS and ABC will not). His role in his 25-minute address, aides said, is to validate Mr. Obama the president, much as Michelle Obama validated Mr. Obama the family man.

Daniel Halper picked that up with the headline “Biden Will Not Speak During Prime Time,” noticing that the RNC was already spinning it as an insult to the vice president: “Sandra Fluke and the CEO of Costco got prime time speaking spots last night.” It’s true that Biden closed out one night of the four-day convention in 2008, and won’t close out one night of the three-day convention. Here’s the schedule, though:

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM (LOCAL)

Video: Veterans


Admiral John B. Nathman

United States Navy, Retired

Introductory Remarks

Angie Flores


Dr. Jill Biden

Second Lady of the United States

Vice President Joe Biden Video


The Honorable Joe Biden

Vice President of the United States

10:00 PM – 11:00 PM (LOCAL)

Video and Remarks

The Honorable Dick Durbin

Member of the US Senate, Illinois

President Barack Obama Video


Barack Obama

President of the United States



His Eminence Timothy Dolan

Roman Catholic Cardinal and Archbishop of New York

Retire Colors


That’s a time when a lot of viewers will be home, and they probably have multiple channels, but the trolling is creating a nice perception that Biden is being shunted aside. I remain surprised at how poorly the Democrats have handled the Twitter Track of news.