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Verizon’s iPhone 5 Comes Unlocked

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

As if people needed another reason to be stoked about the iPhone 5, Verizon confirms that its version of the device comes fully unlocked. This means users can access AT&T’s network by simply swapping out a SIM card, effectively giving them the option of using a different carrier and easily switching when their service contract is up. It also means that when travelling overseas, users can readily access other GSM networks. It’s unclear if the unlocked Verizon phone will work on other U.S. networks like T-Mobile, but it seems to be one more reason people are snatching up Apple’s latest smartphone.  

On the first weekend, sales of the iPhone 5 topped 5 million, which is 1 million more than the iPhone 4’s opening weekend numbers a year ago. It seems the biggest complaint about the new iPhone, aside from the Apple maps app, is there aren’t enough of them to go around. Which of course is exactly the kind of problem Apple loves to have.