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Griselda Blanco, “the Godmother” of U.S. Cocaine Trafficking, Dies in a Hail of Bullets in Colombia

Griselda Blanco, the 69-year-old Colombian known as the Queen of Cocaine, has died the way many in her world have. The geriatric gangster was gunned down by two motorcycle-riding assassins as she walked out of a butcher shop in Medellin, Colombia.
After a youth of petty crime in the slums near Cartagena, Blanco and her second husband gained notoriety for establishing the Colombian cocaine connection in New York City during the early ’70s. After narrowly escaping charges for her New York operation, Blanco allegedly shot her husband and took full control of the drug trafficking empire.
Blanco was believed to be behind a string of drug-related assassinations, including the infamous 1979 shooting in broad daylight of two Colombian traffickers at a mall in Miami. Though she served 13 years for a drug conviction, a death penalty prosecution for murder charges dissolved when Miami D.A. office secretaries were caught engaging in phone sex with one of Blanco’s hired assassins. Blanco was deported to Colombia in 2004. Former Miami homicide detective Nelson Andreu commented on her death “It’s surprising to all of us that she had not been killed sooner because she made a lot of enemies.”