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Einstein’s Brain Gets Its Own iPad App

Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images.

Finally, an app for those who dismiss app-world as an Angry Birds wasteland.

Owners of iPads will now be able to access some 350 detailed images of Albert Einstein’s brain that were scanned and digitized by the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Chicago. The brain of the man who revolutionized our understanding of physics was removed following an autopsy in 1955, in hopes that future researchers might be able to unlock the keys to Einstein’s genius. A 1999 study published in the journal Lancet showed that Einstein’s parietal lobe, which processes language, math, and spatial relationships, was 15 percent wider than normal. 

The new iPad app will allow researchers and average Joes who are willing to shell out $9.99 to closely inspect the Nobel laureate’s bundles of neurons. One of the app’s backers told the Associated Press he hopes it may inspire a whole new generation of neuroscientists. For others, the clues in those scans just might pave the way to better scores in Words With Friends.