David Koch Goes to Door to Door

My latest piece is based upon a walk-along with Americans for Prosperity activists in Virginia – one of scores of grassroots campaign trips by Tea Partiers, paid for by more than $60 million from David Koch’s umbrella group. It’s hard stuff for anybody, and it’s especially hard if you’re going door to door for the first time.

Hello!” says Gail. “We’re from Americans for Prosperity.”
“We just have one question,” says Steve.
Gail pecks away at the tablet, trying to log us in. “You’re the first person we’ve talked to,” says Steve. “You’re our guinea pig.”
Finally, Gail figures out the tablet. “It says, how would you rate President Obama’s job performance?” she says. “Strongly approve, approve, undecided, disapprove, strongly disapprove?”
Henry scratches his head. “I’d have to say, based on the fact that he has no help, he’s doing well.”
“That’s strongly approve, I think,” says Gail.
“We’re not really here to debate the issues,” Steve assures Patrick Henry.

But the master of the “conservative GOTV plan that you’re not paying attention to” story is Adele Stan. Read her.