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Ann Coulter Draws Ire With Nasty Tweets About Sandra Fluke

Leave it to Ann Coulter to one-up Rush Limbaugh on Sandra Fluke.

The conservative attack dog unleashed a series of unsavory tweets about Fluke, as the Georgetown Law graduate and poster-child for contraceptive health coverage addressed the Democratic National Convention.

Fluke, who came into the spotlight this year when Republicans refused to allow her to testify on a mandate requiring health insurance plans to cover birth control, called Republican positions “an offensive, obsolete relic of our past.” Coulter responded by joking that Fluke had been impregnated by Bill Clinton back stage, and then referring to her speech as “a live abortion.”  Ouch.

Of course, Fluke is used to these attacks. Limbaugh famously called her a “slut” and a “prostitute” for advocating that tax funds should subsidize coverage of contraceptives.

And she seems to take it in stride, warning fellow Democrats in Charlotte about a conservative overhaul of women’s rights, “we know what this America would look like in a few short months … and it’s not who we are.”