Opening Act: Sliced

NEW PALTZ, N.Y. – The dateline should tell you the gist. I’m still in New York with Slate’s team, returning to full-time reporting and bloggery on Wednesday.

Michael Chabon and I talk about prog rock. In a more perfect world, this would be a regular feature.

Sasha Issenberg’s new book The Victory Lab, which leads a double life as a blog on this site, is out and buyable with real fiat money.

Hannah Rosin’s The End of Men is also out. Buy both, and an Amazon packager will come to your door and make you an egg whites omelette.

I’m not the world’s biggest gif fan, but this is a pretty useful explanation.

Karl Rove told Komen to give up on its pro-life jag.

And I suppose I could give the Internet yet another “where my boring life took me on 9/11,” but instead, here’s the Yelp page for the restaurant whose owner hugged Obama. Among the “ratings”:

- You didn’t build that shop. I would let Obama bail this place out before I would set foot in it.

- Most of yall Democrats can’t afford to eat at this restaurant anyway. This restaurant doesn’t accept food stamps.

- I guess the Govt built his business not the owner as he kissed Obama’s Butt. Maybee Obama is about to allow him to accept food Stamps for pizza there as it seems he now supports Obama as his ideas of make America a welfare country.

National unity!