A Ray of Hope

Why today was a good day for Mitt Romney.

Smiling Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention in Tampa

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

How bad is it for Mitt Romney right now? Politico’s lead story has advisers and friends and “a person who recently was alone with Romney” preemptively chucking dirt on his campaign. On a morning conference call, advisers made much of how Romney was only three points behind President Obama in the Gallup tracking poll. It was thin gruel.

Here’s some heartier stuff. Every day until the election, Slate will offer up one reason to be optimistic for your candidate.


50 days to go:

Today’s Good News for Romney: Over at the Blaze, Glenn Beck’s website, readers can share a graph that “shows why Obama is ahead in the polls.” The reason: Pollsters keep checking in with turnout models that look more like 2008 (the Obama wave) and less like 2010 (the Democratic apocalypse). Take away the happy-shiny models, and the Obama lead vanishes. “[I]f Obama doesn’t meet or beat his stellar 2008 turnout advantage,” notes a blogger, “he’s in for a drubbing on election day.”

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