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With Attack Ads on Bain and Obama’s “War on Religion,” the Gloves Are Fully Off in Presidential Race

Joe the Plumber may have created an uproar in 2008’s presidential campaign season, but in 2012, it’s Joe the Steelworker that has both parties up in arms.

Joe Soptic is at the center of controversy for starring in an ad produced by pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA, saying he was laid off by a Bain-owned Kansas City, Mo., steel mill and … for suggesting his wife’s fatal cancer may have been detected earlier if he was still insured by his employer. 

Members of the GOP are crying foul, saying the ad suggests Mitt Romney’s actions led to the woman’s death when in fact she died many years after her husband’s company went bankrupt and after losing her own insurance.

Either way, the gloves are off in the bout of attack ads running up to November’s election.  Today, Mitt Romney’s camp released a video claiming President Obama’s health care plan requirement for employers to pay for contraception is part of the president’s “war on religion.”

Video by Krishnan Vasuvedan.