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Introducing the New Slatest

We’re improving our news blog to make it better than ever.

In April 2011, we decided to give The Slatest, our news blog, a major upgrade. We added photos, real-time updating ability, social sharing features, and a great editorial voice. Readers loved the new format, and we saw great traffic gains. Now, we’re tinkering with the format to improve The Slatest once again—and giving readers more of what they love best.

Starting Monday, The Slatest has a new tagline: “Your News Companion.” Rather than offering comprehensive aggregation, the new Slatest will highlight the excellent writing and keen editorial voice of Josh Voorhees, who’ll be bringing you definitive insight into the day’s events. In addition, you’ll see Slatest posts on the main Slate table of contents, making them easier to find.

Here are some regular, new features you should expect to see on The Slatest:

  1. Fantastic “all-in” live blogging: As a crucial story breaks and evolves, you can count on us to be on top of the latest.
  2. Mini-explainers: Using Slate’s signature style, we’ll give you fast takes on the questions the latest developments have you wondering about.
  3. Rumor checking: Isn’t it incredible how fast out-of-context stories and rumors get spread on Twitter? We’ll be debunking the misinformation you often find on social med
  4. A better newsletter: We’re debuting a new, delightful, long-form afternoon newsletter. Been in meetings all day? Seen headlines flying by, but not sure who has the real story? Read our new roundup and you will be caught up. Sign up here.

Come check out the new look, feel, and tone of The Slatest here. Happy reading.