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Reported iPhone 5 Pieces Fit Perfectly Into Frame

The puzzle pieces in the latest iPhone rumors are fitting together … literally.

Recent parts of what is supposedly Apple’s new iPhone 5 that have been leaked fit perfectly into the longer body that has been rumored for months to reflect the tech giant’s new gadget.

According to website iResq, a recently leaked docking port and headphone jack fit right into the frame—suggesting that rumors about a bottom headphone jack and a smaller charging dock are indeed part of the new phone. Of course, nothing’s final until the Apple Keynote on Sept. 12—but Applefiles have even more reason to believe recent leaks are real clues to the design of the iPhone 5.

The iPhone rumors this week were reportedly responsible for making Apple the most valuable company in history, with a market cap of $620 billion. Granted, if you count inflation, Tim Cook and company still have work to do: Microsoft’s inflation-adjusted 1999 valuation is some $850 billion.

Video by Krishnan Vasuvedan.