Kosher Sex, Kosher Lust, Kusher Tax Cuts

If you can turn your attention from the Absolutely Nothing happening on the campaign trail today, go on and read my piece about Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s congressional bid.

“Rabbi Shmuley?” you ask. “The guy who recorded his conversations with Michael Jackson? The guy from Oprah’s show?”

Yes. He’s a politician now.

He adores House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, though they “used to talk about the Torah,” and now they talk politics. “He’s an incredibly busy man, but he graciously takes my calls.” When Mitt Romney said that “culture” explained the Israel-Palestinian wealth gap, Shmuley understood it, but gave his own spin. “I feel that in Palestinian culture, there is sometimes a greater regard for defeating Israel than there is for Palestinian interests.”

Bonus content: A 2008 debate between Shmuley and my late colleague Christopher Hitchens.