Polygamists for Gary Johnson   

Read every single word of McKay Coppins’s look at the “polygamist moment.” Has anybody previously pointed out that both parties’ presidential candidates have polygamy in their family trees, and not been immediately shouted down for crimethink? No, right? Good for Coppins. By actually talking to polygamists, he learns that they’ve noticed what Republicans and Democrats say about them. Joe Darger, a polygamist who’s become very public about it, says that he’s only at home in the Libertarian Party.

Come November, he said he will probably stay true to his libertarian beliefs and pull the lever for Gary Johnson. Earlier this year, Darger and his wives were invited to address the Libertarian Party convention, and Johnson reassured them that he doesn’t believe government should have any place regulating marriage.

It’s true. Here’s a full 35-minute video of Darger and his wives addressing the Utah Libertarian Party, explaining why Bill O’Reilly is the “epitome of what a self-righteous Republican is,” and explaining why the “save marriage!” crowd on the right is a thread to his freedom.

“We don’t want legal recognition,” says Darger. “Really, what we want is the government to stay out of our lives.”