Poll: The Ryan Plan and Florida

Fox News, citing Rasmussen Reports, declares that the Ryan plan for Medicare beats the Obama plan in Florida.

The poll of 500 likely Florida voters asked which plan “scares” them more. 

Forty-eight percent chose the health care law. Forty-one percent chose Ryan’s plan - while 11 percent weren’t sure. 

Good scaffolding for Ryan’s Saturday trip to The Villages, which I expect to be covered as Ryan cornering the Medicare Narrative beast and slaying it. But how good? In 2010, recall, the GOP worked successfully to convince seniors that “Obamacare” would kill the services they liked – and in some cases, kill them. The result was a massive swing against the Democrats among voters over 65 percent. In 2011, PPP asked Floridians what they thought of the Ryan plan. More than a third of voters didn’t know what it was; the rest broke 40-26 against it.

So, how good is a 7-point advantage for Ryan on Medicare right now? Decent. Not what Republicans had two years ago.