Ron Paul Swag

TAMPA – I’ve been covering Ron Paul’s campaigns since early 2007. This week’s festivities have a strange and bittersweet feel – a lot of slogans I’ve seen adopted by other movements, a lot of one-time fringe activists who’ve become Republican delegates. Also, lots of merch. IMG_9396 Funky and Captain America-inspired button designs at PAULfest. IMG_9394 Even more swag. Only the Obama movement of 2008 came up with comparable amounts of punny/kitchy material. IMG_9334 Metal on metal. IMG_9377
Libertarians cheer for Gary Johnson. IMG_9336 One of several Paul’d out cars. IMG_9461 In the bathroom (yes, sorry) at the official Paul rally, a sticker that predicts not just Paul victory in 2012, but victory in 2016. IMG_9440 The POW icon, reimagined. IMG_9403 A gigantic poster at the PAULfest.
IMG_9413 Baby Hadassah, whose parents illegally (but proudly) get her raw goat milk. IMG_9387 A remix of the “Jesus is my homebody” classic. IMG_9384 Temporary neck tattoos.
IMG_9444 And one more funky design.