Opening Act: The Skinnydippers

Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan report out the details of a 2011 congressional junket to Israel that got real drunk real fast.

After what they describe as a “long, hot day,” more than 20 lawmakers and senior aides decided to jump into the sea, sources said. Some went in wearing all their clothes, although others partially undressed.

[Rep. Kevin] Yoder removed all his clothes, the only person to do so, according to multiple sources.

Paul Ryan, speaking out for stimulus, in 2012:

It’s more than just giving someone an unemployment check. It’s also helping those people with their health insurance while they’ve lost their jobs and more important than just that unemployment check, it’s to do what we can to give people a paycheck.

Kate Sheppard explains what Rep. Todd Akin meant when he explained his stance on abortion in cases of rape.

And it’s fun to watch Krugman demolish Ferguson.